We are the parent organization that supports the TWBI program of the Oak Grove School District. The TWBI program is excited to start their first year at Del Roble Elementary in the 2018-2019 school year.”

Our Goal
We want the best for all children at our school. We work collaboratively with the teachers, school and district personnel in order to best support the TWBI program.
Our Story
Parents began to informally meet to discuss how we can support our children in the newly formed TWBI program in OGSD. The group is in process of organization in order to better support the dynamic needs of the program, the school, the teachers, our children, and our community.


2 TWBI kindergarten classes officially opened at the portables of Anderson Elementary School. As a new program with dedicated parents, we began to informally meet to dream and strategize how we can best support the district, school, and one another for the success of this choice program. We were able to organize many successful events including Día de los Muertos, Bingo Night, field trips, and class potlucks.


By the start of the school year, we officially obtained an EIN and opened up a bank account as “CAMINO”. A CAMINO board was set in place and ready to launch another successful year. With 6 classes, we raised over $11K in our first Direct Donation Drive. These funds sponsored the outstanding Rhythm and Moves music classes, field trips, art materials, teacher resources, and technology support. This was also a very challenging year as the Oak Grove School District underwent a massive school consolidation effort to close down schools with the steady decline of enrollment over the years. The TWBI program, a promising and growing program, was to be relocated to a new campus. Through many months of uncertainty of our permanent location, parents and most importantly our students found strength and comfort that we would not be separated from one another. We were to stick with one another no matter where our future location would be. A family-like spirit was birthed, refining our investment and efforts to grow even stronger to see TWBI of OGSD succeed and flourish.


An informal team was established and began to serve as the parent group leaders for the TWBI community. Efforts to raise funds were met with success, providing opportunities and resources for teachers and students inside and outside the classroom. Cultural events held in Spanish began to become distinctives for the TWBI community.

Fall 2018

We started this school year at Del Roble Elementary with 10 TWBI classrooms. We were thrilled to welcome 3 Kindergarten and 1 TK class students. We have submitted the lengthy IRS paperwork to obtain a 501(c)(3) non-profit status. We are excited for another amazing year…

The story of parents collaborating together for the success of our bilingual and biliterate children continues…